Setting up FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Business Websites

CalWeb uses cPanel(tm) , the industry standard web hosting platform. There are two method to access your website on cPanel. Both require your cPanel username credentials, which are separate from your email passwords. If you were using before, you should have received an email with these creditials. If you do not have them, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to identify your website's domain. We will email only to the email address on file, if you are a developer, you should ask the domain's owner for this information as we can not give it out over the phone. Only the email address on the Billing Account will be sent this information.

To access cPanel File Manager, a browser-base drag and drop file manager, login to your cPanel account using the following url:
username: your cPanel username
password: your cPanel password.

From there click on the File Manager icon.

cPanel File Manager Image
From there the interface is very intuitive and will allow you to navigate to your website's file and add/delete any of them. NOTE: Your website will be in the directory named: public_html

If you are going to use a standard FTP program use the following info in your FTP client.

FTP to: (IE, if your domain is, use this in your configuration.
The username and password are the cPanel's username/password on the account. Again, your website will be located in the "public_html" folder.

Residential Customers

Due to security issues and other methods available to share files, FTP is no longer available for residential customers. We recommend you check out services such as Google Drive, Drop Box, Etc.