Acceptable Use Policy

CalWeb Internet Services, Inc. is a part of the Integra Telecom's backbone, and we are required to adhere to their Acceptable Use Policies.

System abuse is strictly prohibited. CalWeb Internet Services, Inc. may suspend or terminate service immediately without refund and may bill for any resulting charges if the client engages in system abuse.

The following is a list of actions that are defined to be system abuse. This list is non-exclusive. Any action about which there is any doubt should be referred to CalWeb for evaluation. Actions which constitute system abuse include, but are not limited to:

  • attempting to circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network, or account on CalWeb systems or the Internet at large ("cracking")
  • attempting, in any way, to interfere with or deny service to any user or any host on the internet
  • forging email or USENET posting header information
  • sending any number of unsolicited mail messages (i.e. "junk email, spam") 
  • forwarding or posting "chain letters" (multiple forwarding) of any type; posting inappropriate messages to USENET newsgroups e.g., posting large numbers of unsolicted posts indiscriminately ("spamming"), or posting encoded binary files to USENET newsgroups not specifically named for that purpose 
  • attempting to cancel, supersede, or otherwise interfere with email or USENET posts other than one's own 
  • engaging in harassment, whether through language, frequency, or size of messages
  • using an account at another provider to promote a CalWeb hosted web site in an abusive manner
  • using an account to collect replies to messages sent from another provider which violate these rules or those of that provider
  • running a program, process, or script which causes an excessive load on CalWeb servers and thus affects the service of other CalWeb users

Questions or concerns about our acceptable use policy should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Customer Support
CalWeb provides customer support regarding issues relating to connectivity, common Internet problems, and other aspects of your CalWeb account. Our employees strive to be as helpful as possible and will help you with your needs within the scope of CalWeb's services. Abusing our employees or using profanity while speaking to a employee will not be tolerated and are terms for immediate service termination without refund.
E-Mail (SMTP)
Mass junk email sent from CalWeb will result in a review of your actions, potentially leading to account termination. Not only will you be angering lots of people (causing us to get lots of hate mail), you are also taxing the mail system, which was not designed for mass marketing. Exceptions are made only for business accounts, who hold a mailing list of people seeking to be put on their list (and not by any other method). If in doubt, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for clarification.

CalWeb Internet Services does not sell your e-mail address or other private information about your account.

Multiple Logins
Because modems are a shared resource, only one (1) instance of your account may be logged in to our modem bank at any given time. Duplicates are automatically removed, with email sent both to you and to the CalWeb staff. If we see multiple problems with duplicate logins on an account, we will act to disable the account and attempt to contact you about abuse on your account. In some cases, this is because your password has either been guessed, given out, or left where someone may see it. In others, it's because you are sharing your account (a no-no!).
Excessive Usage
Users who are not paying for dedicated 24 hour service, simply are not guaranteed to keep 24 hour connections. Unmetered users are welcome to use the system for the duration that they are awake and at their computer, making use of the connection. However, "camping out" is not permitted. Sessions will be terminated after 8-12 hours, depending on system use. Those with dedicated connections will not see this happen.
Idle Timeouts
Dial-up users will be logged out after 20 minutes of no activity. Shell account users will have each session closed after 20 minutes of no activity, with the exception of while using "ftp" or "ncftp", in which case the limit is pushed to 60 minutes.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
If you use Internet Relay Chat, please be aware that running bots of any kind imposes a ban on our entire domain - your abuse, eliminates *everyone* else at CalWeb from being able to use the given IRC server. IRC servers are not run by CalWeb. They are run by individuals who put a lot of time and resources into making it all work. Please respect their wishes.

Anyone caught running bots or other annoying software will have their account brought under review. It's no fun to have the IRC server owners tell us that we've "been banned again because of one of your users". Please, make sure we don't get those messages.

Before posting to the newsgroups, please read the messages in news.newusers.answers. You will find many tips on etiquette for dealing with the global Usenet community.

Posting the same message to over 20 newsgroups is considered spam, and is cancelled by news administrators world-wide. We honor those cancels, as well as their decision to do such. Please keep your posts in the relevant newsgroups only. Minor offenses will result in a warning. Major offenses and/or repeated minor offenses will result in account termination without refund.

Forged messages will result in account termination without warning or refund. Please note that our news server keeps track of who you are with both the ident protocol (mainly for shell account users) as well as consulting the list of who is presently online, for PPP customers. That information is posted directly into the news headers. This cuts our investigation time down to a matter of a few seconds. If you wish to post anonymously, use one of the freely available remailers or anonymous mail servers on the net.

(Shell account users:) The use of "screen" is permitted at CalWeb, however, there is a limit of 3 screen sessions. "detaching" a process is not permitted. CalWeb will, on an as-needed basis, remove any processes that might still be running where the user is no longer on - be warned, "detached" sessions and any sessions where you do not appear to be logged in will be affected.

Screen will remain accessible on CalWeb so long as it is not abused.