CalWeb Fiber is here with speeds up to 1000MB(1GB)!

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Calweb Fiber Internet Services3
(Must be within the AT&T Service Area and Fiber connected)
All services include 1 dymanic IP.

Speed Residential Business
(Down/Up) Yearly1 Yearly1
25M/5M  -- $69.95
25M/25M Symmetrical  -- $79.95
50M/10M  -- $89.95
50M/50M Symmetrical          -- $169.95
100M/20M  -- $119.95
100M/100M Symmetrical          -- $249.95
200M/40M  -- $219.95
200M/200M Symmetrical  -- $359.95
300M/75M  -- $239.95
300M/300M Symmetrical  -- $379.95
500M/100M  -- $269.95
500M/500M Symmetrical  -- $409.95
1000M/200M  -- $329.95
1000M/1000M Symmetrical $99.95 $579.95

Calweb Broadband Internet Services3

Dry Loop, No AT&T Line Required!
(Must be within the AT&T Service Area)
All services include 1 dymanic IP.

Speed2 Residential Business
(Down/Up) Yearly1 Yearly1
768K/384K-1M $59.95 $59.95
1.5M/384K-1M $59.95 $59.95
3M/512K-1M $59.95 $59.95
6M/768K-1M $59.95 $59.95
12M/1M $64.95 $74.95
18M/1.5M $64.95 $74.95
24M/3M $64.95 $74.95
45M/6M $69.95 $99.95
75M/8M $79.95 $119.95


If your location does not qualify for CalWeb Broadband or Fiber services 
we continue to offer the following ADSL services(if available).

CalWeb DSL Dry Loop Products3
Dry Loop, no AT&T Line required!
(Must be within the AT&T Service Area)
All services include 1 dymanic IP.

Speed Residential Business
Down/Up2 Yearly1 Yearly1
768K/384K $59.95 $59.95
1.5M/384K $64.95 $64.95
3M/512K $69.95 $69.95
6M/768K $74.45 $74.95

Other Fees

Modem Fee: $100, plus tax. All modems are modem/router combos with wifi! Modem fee is waived for Fiber and Broadband orders until 03/01/2019.
Setup/Installation (Dynamic): $49 (Waived)
Setup/Installation (Static): $49 Waived for customer migrating from another service. Requires installation by an AT&T tech.
Static IP(Subnet of 8/  $20 Per Month. Static IPs are only available for Business products 1.5M or higher.
AT&T Truck roll to repair or troubleshoot line issues: $125 minimum if issue is not an AT&T issue (IE their problem). Problems caused by customer
modifying equipment, doing DIY repairs, or contractor caused issues are billable in advance before AT&T truck roll will be authorized.

All initial signups or migrations are a 1 year term at an introductory price1.
You may cancel within the first 25 days and no termination charges will be incurred. 

1. Yearly plans reflect a $5 monthly discount and is an introductory price. You will be billed on a MONTHLY basis at this discounted rate. After 1 year the $5 discount will be removed. All initial signups or migrations are a 1 year term. After the one year term, your plan will automatically switch to month to month. Canceling within the first year incurs a $200 disconnect fee or 50% of the remaining payments whichever is LESS. 

2. Speeds listed are the theoretical maximum and not guaranteed. Speeds will vary depending on a number of conditions, such as time of day; the usage in your general area, and type of equipment in use at AT&T's Central office that serves your location and many other factors. Down speed is from the Internet to your computer/router, Up speed is from your computer/router to the Internet.

3. All pricing subject to change with a 30 day notice. Not available in all areas.

4. All residential customers are required to pay monthly with a credit card on file. Delinquent customers may have their service suspended and will incur a $25 re-connect fee. If payment is not received within 10 days your service will be canceled and you will be subject to termination fees outlined in item 1 plus a $49 administration fee.

5. All plans require a 30 day notice in advance to cancel(Except within the first 25 days).

6. Multi-Static IP allocation is a subnet of 8 IPs with a subnet mask of (/29) with 5 usable IPs. One IP will be allocated as your Gateway IP, usually the last usable IP in the subnet. If this is all "greek" to you, then you likely do not need this service unless you run services (like Exchange or VOIP phones connecting to an external PBX) behind your router. In which case you should already have an IT Support person that understands this!

Broadband FAQ