WordPress Customer Care

Have a WordPress website? WordPress accounts for over 50% (https://trends.builtwith.com/cms) of all CMS ( Content Management System) websites on the Internet powering nearly 20 million websites. Over the years, WordPress has had many security issues,  and while WP is getting more proactive, security issues can still lead to a hacked website. Because WordPress is the most widely used CMS, WordPress websites become an immediate target when a security issue is found. 

With our WordPress Customer Care product, we'll manage and maintain your core WordPress files and update plugins on a regular basis. Service includes up to an hour a month of maintenance-related help and general questions/support. We will also install Wordfence Pro, a "firewall" for your WP website. Wordfence Pro proactively monitors for suspicious activity, prevents bot attacks, gives live website activity, and can block all access by country (IE, Ukraine and Russian are the top offenders!). WordFence Pro, maintains an active list of 'bad IPs' and malicious attack vectors, updating this information in real-time. WordFence Pro is licensed to your website at an annual rate of $99 a year.

Another issue, other than the Core WordPress files, are 3rd party plugins and add-ons. Plugins, especially those no longer maintained, are often the number one reason for a hacked WordPress site. WordFence Pro monitors plugin activity AND changes made to these plugins that are not part of the original release and will notify CalWeb immediately of any changes.

CalWeb is also notified whenever WordFence or a plugin needs to be updated. We'll examine the WordFence log for severity and will apply patches on a regular or automated basis, assuring new versions of a plugin are compatible with the existing website. A typical WordPress website can average up to 3-4 plugin updates per week, sometimes more. WordPress itself can also update 1-2 times per month. With our WordPress Customer Care, we'll take care of all updates. Should an update fail and affect the website negatively, we'll immediately roll back the website and help to work with the plugin vendor, theme issue, and WordPress (forums) to research the issue. Again at no charge (up to 2 hours per month).

Site Hacked?
Even with precautions, WordPress may still be hacked from an undiscovered vulnerability. Should your website get hacked, we'll restore the website from our backups and work to identify the breach at no additional charge (up to 2 hours).

Fees: WordPress Customer Care - $29 a month with a $75 setup fee.
This service has a 1-year commitment and automatically renews on an annual basis.  Early termination will incur a minimum charge of $99.

Other Fees:  WordFence Pro - $99 a year, renewed automatically on the date of installation/licensing.