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  Disk Space Monthly Charge Setup Fee

WWW Basic Hosting

1 GB $25.00 $50.00 Waived!

One Year price savings special, 2 months free!1

1 Free 2 months occur after the 10th month of the 1 year commitment. All waived fees apply for early cancellation.

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New domain registration (CalWeb will register using our Domain Registrar).

Transfer registration of existing domain name to CalWeb Internet Services, will call for details.

Click Here for Domain Registration Pricing.

All business accounts require domain name registration or transfer of an existing domain, 1 Gigabyte outbound data per month, and 5 email-only accounts. Domain registration fees and secure certificate fees are not included with setup fees, and will be due immediately upon activation.

Additional Charges: Custom Web Design & CGI Programming: $75 an hour Pre-Purchased.

Disk space is used for your incoming e-mail files and attachments, Webmail files, Web space, Unix Shell, and your FTP directory. Calculation of disk space charges is based upon an average during a calendar month.


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  Monthly Setup
Secure services using your own certificate $10.00 Cert Fee2
DNS Services for multiple domain names, per alias. $2.00 Waived
Additional E-Mail Only Account (Note: 1st 5 emails are free) $ 3.00 Waived


2Annual certificate renewal fee is $49 or 3 years for $99.


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Bill Me - Email Statements

Bill Me - Printed/Mailed Statements-$1 per month additional

Credit Card (if selected we will be contacting you to verify your information and obtain the credit card information.)


Bills are e-mailed and/or mailed on or after the 1st of each month and are due in 15 days. Credit cards are charged on or after the 1st of each month. First month's bill due upon account activation.

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