Personal Web Pages

As a Personal Hosting account you now have a publicly accessible www dir. The URL for your home page will be located at or Replacing the "u" with the first letter of your login name and username with your login name.

If you registered a domain for a Personal Hosting account and have signed up for us to host it, then the URL would be

To upload your files here all you need to do is log in to your web directory with the FTP program that you have setup and upload your files. What you will need to look for is when you login is that your are in your root or home directory for your main login account. In this directory you should see some files already established, as these pertain to your account creation and are for your login account.

Look though this list, you should find a directory called www. Select this directory, double click it or enter it, or how ever your FTP program navigates to enter this directory, as this where your files will reside.

All that is left to do is to transfer your files from your machine to the server under the www directory. Follow the instructions for your specific FTP program to transfer the files, generally a double click, drag and drop or a select file and transfer option.

Last but not least for your home page to work correctly it must be named properly. Our servers are configured to look for most of the common home page naming terms, but if you name your page something other than the standards, your page will not come up correctly in a browser. You must use one of the following names: index.html, index.htm, default.htm, default.html Remembering case sensitivity, as UNIX is case sensitive.

Logging into the FTP server

Start your FTP program and connect to or if you have your own ftp DNS setup for your website use that, ie For all residential users and most business customers you will use If your website is hosted on an NT server you will use to connect.