Unix Basics

Basic UNIX commands for Free BSD
man Manual
man -k Search Manual
ls List files
ls -l List files with details
cd Change directory
mkdir Make directory
rmdir Remove directory
rm Remove file
rm -dr Remove fiels and directories (like deltree)
mv Move files and directories
grep Search for all matching text in a file or files
grep -v Search for all non-matching text in a file or files
Some useful commands for vi (the visual editor)
i Insert at this point
o Make a new line after this one and insert new text there
a Append - insert text after this character
[esc] Escape - end this insert
u Undo - undo last insert sequence
dd Delete line (cut)
10dd Delete 10 lines (etc...)
yy Yank line (copy)
10yy Yank 10 lines (etc...)
p Paste
:w Write
:q Quit
:n Next file (vi *.html)
:prev Previous file
/string Search for the next occurance of string
/ Find the next occurance
? Find the previous occurance